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To ensure a quality experience for our customers, Geothermal India™ follows a rigid process honed through years of experience. As we are India’s first Geothermal Cooling specialists, we know what works in India and what does not; no other company in India can make the same claims.

1. Feasibility & Design
1.1. Proposal
1.2. Ground Heat Exchange design
1.3. Building Simulation & Heat load Calculation
1.4. Air - Distribution and routing of ducting
1.5. Water - Distribution and routing of pipes
1.6. Product profiles and submittal data sheets.
1.7. Drawings and schematics
1.8. Energy Model & Project Payback Analysis
1.9. Bill of Quantities & Cost Estimations
1.10. Sourcing of Materials
1.11. Documentation and Clearance
1.12. Warranties, AMC
1.13. Terms & Conditions

2. Ground Loop Configuration & Construction
2.1. Site Allocation and demarcation
2.2. Coordination for water and power supply
2.3. Allocation of Manual and skilled labour
2.4. Coordination for work tools and equipment
2.5. Design and construction of Pipes
2.6. Place - design for pipe distribution pattern
2.7. Excavation and refilling - coordination
2.8. Supervising - ground loop construction
2.9. Leak and pressure tests - manual

3. Contractual Management
3.1. Ground loop
3.2. Educating - Ground design
3.3. Sourcing - Contractors
3.4. Air - Water distribution
3.5. Schematics and procedures to:
3.6. Plumbing & Ducting Contractors
3.7. Electrical personne
3.8. Civil and erection works
3.9. Supervising Civil contractors work
3.10. Erection of Equipment
4. Installation & Commission
4.1. Submit Drawing & Schematics
4.2. Sign-off by all parties
4.3. Training to Customer
4.4. Providing Installation Manuals
4.5. Systematically produce test reports
4.6. Installation reports
4.8. Final testing & commissioning
5. Servicing & Maintenance
5.1. Quarterly Diagnostics Test
5.2. Quarterly filter change
5.3. Quarterly air control service
5.4. Possible use of spare parts
dwelling type approx. size KwH Rate “(Rs)”
Annual Energy Savings (Rs) carbon credits / yr.
The Savings Calculator is an approximation based on our experience to date and uses Conventional Central Air-conditioning as the benchmark for comparison. The Savings Calculator should be used as an indicator only. Geothermal India is able to calculate specific and accurate savings for each and every project after in-depth analysis of your proposed installation.
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